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5 July, 2019

EG Electronics acquires Leeroy Digital Signage

EG Electronics acquires Leeroy Digital Signage, a specialist within digital communication services

13 May, 2019

Acquisition of Swetouch

KAMIC Group acquires Swetouch, a supplier of customised solutions for control panels, enclosures and displays

Keyboard from Swetouch
15 April, 2019

Acquisition of Robotteknik Vetlanda

KAMIC Group acquires Robotteknik Automation Vetlanda, a specialist in industrial automation using robots

Hyundai robots
24 January, 2019

Acquisition of Distec Ltd

KAMIC Group acquires Distec Ltd, a British specialist hybrid technology solutions provider

Woman using a touchscreen
1 October, 2018

Acquisition of SIGA Electronics

KAMIC Group acquires SIGA Electronics, a British manufacturer of all types of toroidal and bobbin wound components.

Magnetic component