Interiörbild från förarsäte med hand på ratt i bil med man i förgrund som kör bilden

Executive management

The Executive Management is made of up of nine individuals under the supervision of KAMIC Group’s President and CEO. Of the other members of the Executive Management, four are heads of business areas and four are heads of staff.

Several individuals of the management team are also members of the Executive Management in our sister groups Amplex and Mindelon.

Portrait of Fredrik Celsing

Fredrik Celsing

President & CEO

Employed since 2005, in current position since 2009.

Portrait of Björn Johnsson

Björn Johnsson

Head of the Production Technology business area

Employed since 1995, in current position since 2012.

Foto på Dan Phelan

Dan Phelan

Head of the Magnetics business area

Employed since 2007, in current position since 2009.

Portrait of Stefan Bengtsson

Stefan Bengtsson

Head of the Electronics business area

Employed since 2020, in current position since 2021.

Portrait of Johan Karlsson

Johan Karlsson

Head of the Installation & Lighting business area

Employed since 2021.

Portrait of Mia Tomczak

Mia Tomczak

Chief Financial Officer

Employed since 2020.

Portrait of Håkan Lundgren

Håkan Lundgren

Head of Corporate Development & Communications

Employed since 2008.

Portrait of Jessika Axäll

Jessika Axäll

Human Resources Manager

Employed since 2009.

Portrait of Per Lindblad

Per Lindblad

Head of M&A

Employed since 2022.