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Business mission & Strategy

KAMIC Group’s business mission is to acquire, own and develop technology-based businesses in a number of well-defined product and market niches.

Through our subsidiaries we offer technical products, systems, equipment and services based on both trading and in-house development and manufacture. KAMIC Group creates added value for its customers by delivering innovative solutions that contribute to greater efficiency and competitiveness through the adaptation of products to specific needs and the provision of high quality support and logistics services.


Decentralised business responsibility

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Our business areas, which consist of several companies and business units, function as independent profit centres with their own separate identities, goals and strategies. This gives each business unit considerable freedom to develop its operations on the basis of its own specific conditions.

The Group’s supervision of the companies takes place mainly through setting of explicit goals for their operations and through active and constructive monitoring of outcomes in relation to the established targets. At the same time, we strive to realise synergies between companies and units when it is clear that the resulting gains exceed the costs.

In this way, we maintain a good balance between the business units’ ability to develop in the desired direction and the Group’s interest in achieving higher profitability than is possible through a collection of fully independent companies.

Operate in selected niches where we can create added value

The business areas focus their offering on a number of well defined product areas and/or customer segments where we see good potential for growth and opportunities to create tangible added value for our customers.

Good business know-how with clarity and the will to achieve results

Successful business relies on the ability to detect and quickly understand customer needs and, by drawing on this insight, to deliver solutions that create added value for the customers while at the same time contributing to profitability for KAMIC Group. As a result, in-depth technical expertise combined with innovative ideas and approaches and a powerful drive to achieve results are highly prioritised qualities among the employees.

Business professionalism also means acting in a way that builds lasting confidence and relationships with customers and suppliers. This includes communicating in a clear and straightforward manner, always meeting obligations and continuously striving to surpass expectations.

It is also vital that all business activities are conducted on the basis of clear ethical standards, where KAMIC Group seeks to contribute to positive changes for people and the environment.

Create growth and value through acquisitions

Acquisitions are a key component in our strategy to grow and develop the Group. Acquiring businesses adds new products and suppliers, broadens the customer base, gives access to new market niches and, not least, brings in new skills and energy.

We therefore work actively and systematically to identify well-run technology-oriented companies that might be candidates for acquisitions. Our decentralised business model places considerable emphasis on maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit and decision-making powers in the companies we acquire. At the same time, KAMIC Group provides these companies with a financially stable, dedicated and long-term owner able to offer a broad international network, structural support and skills and tools for continued business development.

We are grateful for tips on potential acquisition candidates that can fit into the KAMIC family!