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2 March, 2023

Acquisition of Boxco

KAMIC Group acquires Boxco, a specialist supplier of electromechanical products to manufacturing industry

Översiktsbild över produkter från Boxco
10 January, 2023

Acquisition of MVS

KAMIC Group acquires Mastervolt Sweden, a specialist supplier of batteries and power solutions

Large batteries from company MVS
9 January, 2023

Acquisition of Avon Magnetics

KAMIC Group acquires Avon Magnetics, a leading British manufacturer of wound magnetic components

Electric components from company Avom magnetics
1 November, 2022

Acquisition of Finelcomp

KAMIC Group acquires Finelcomp Oy, market leading manufacturer of electrical enclosures in Finland

Skärning av plåt i tillverkningen av elskåp
3 October, 2022

Acquisition of Tavlebyggern

KAMIC Group expands further within encapsulated electrical technology in Norway through acquisition of Tavlebyggern AS

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