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12 September, 2023

Acquisition of SmartRep in Germany

KAMIC Group acquires SmartRep GmbH, a leading supplier of electronic production equipment in the DACH region

Detal från monteringsmaskin
3 May, 2023

Acquisition of AGW Electronics

KAMIC Group acquires AGW Electronics, a leading British manufacturer of customised wound components

Magnetkomponenter från AGW Electronics
31 March, 2023

Scanditron takes over agency for Komax

Scanditron takes over agency for Komax cable processing machines from Adcontact/Gammeter

Detalj från kabelhanteringsmaskin från Komax
2 March, 2023

Acquisition of Boxco

KAMIC Group acquires Boxco, a specialist supplier of electromechanical products to manufacturing industry

Översiktsbild över produkter från Boxco
10 January, 2023

Acquisition of MVS

KAMIC Group acquires Mastervolt Sweden, a specialist supplier of batteries and power solutions

Large batteries from company MVS