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Press release | April 3, 2024

KAMIC Group is growing further within magnetic components

KAMIC Group acquires Tramo ETV and Unitrafo, two leading Swedish suppliers of magnetic components

KAMIC Group has acquired all shares in MLnX Holding AB with the wholly owned subsidiaries Tramo ETV AB and Unitrafo Electric AB. The seller of MLnX Holding is Marcus Löfgren, Managing Director of both Tramo ETV and Unitrafo, and a number of minority shareholders.

Tramo ETV has a 50-year history as a manufacturer and supplier of customised transformers, inductors and filters. All manufacturing takes place in its own facility in Eslöv, Sweden where the company has 21 employees. Customers are usually found in industries such as food production, medtech, transport and energy production. Geographically, the company focuses on the Nordic region and northern Europe.

Unitrafo was founded in 1989 and has since then built up a unique expertise in products for safe electrical power and improved electrical environment. The company has no own production, but its operations are based on close co-operation with several leading manufacturers in Europe, enabling it to offer a wide range of products from small insulating transformers to large power transformers and reactors for the manufacturing industry and for power and network companies. Unitrafo has four employees in Askim, just south of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Tramo ETV and Unitrafo are now part of KAMIC Group’s Magnetics business area, where together they add some SEK 190 million in annual sales. Fredrik Celsing, President and CEO of KAMIC Group, says: “We like electrical technology and magnetics companies, and we place great value on drive, entrepreneurship and niche leadership. In Tramo ETV and Unitrafo we see all this and more, and we warmly welcome the companies and their employees to develop further in our expanding Magnetics business area.”

All executives in Tramo ETV and Unitrafo will continue in their respective roles after the ownership change. Managing Director and former co-owner Marcus Löfgren comments on the deal: “We are very pleased to join KAMIC Group. We see great opportunities for the continued expansion of both companies and in KAMIC Group we get a financially stable and long-term owner who will contribute with expertise, contacts and support tools to facilitate this. I personally think it will be exciting to continue working for the growth and development of the companies and our employees.”

For further information about the transaction, please contact

Håkan Lundgren, Head of Corporate Development & Communications, KAMIC Group
+46 (0)8 759 35 79, hakan.lundgren(at)

Fredrik Celsing, President and CEO, KAMIC Group
+46 (0)8 759 35 55 , fredrik.celsing(at)

Marcus Löfgren, Managing Director and former co-owner, Tramo ETV AB and Unitrafo Electric AB
+46 (0)768 870979, marcus.lofgren(at)

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