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Press release | October 3, 2022

Acquisition of Tavlebyggern

KAMIC Group expands further within encapsulated electrical technology in Norway through acquisition of Tavlebyggern AS

KAMIC Group AB has acquired all the shares in the Norwegian company Tavlebyggern AS. The sellers are Bjørn Stengrimsen and Thomas S. Pettersen.

Tavlebyggern designs, builds and installs complete low-voltage switchgear, distribution boards and automation cabinets and also offers rebuilding and expansion services for existing installations. The company was founded in 1997 and operations are carried out from Lillestrøm, just east of Oslo. The company has some 15 employees and annual sales of approximately NOK 60 million.

“Tavlebyggern is our fourth acquisition of an electrical technology company in the Oslo region in a relatively short period. Strong underlying trends in the shape of increased electrification of society in general and the introduction of ever smarter automation technologies in industry and buildings give us an optimistic view of developments within electrical technology. Tavlebyggern is a company with considerable skills, distinct service mindedness and a fine entrepreneurial spirit. We are pleased to welcome the company and its employees into the KAMIC family,” says Fredrik Celsing, President and CEO of KAMIC Group.

The previous part-owner and Managing Director of Tavlebyggern, Bjørn Stengrimsen, will continue to lead the company following the acquisition. Bjørn comments on the deal: “At Tavlebyggern we can see a lot of advantages in being part of KAMIC Group. We will belong to a larger and more stable structure where we can take advantage of the skills and network that exist in the group at the same time as we appreciate KAMIC Group’s attitude to decentralisation and entrepreneurship as driving forces.”

Tavlebyggern now joins the organisation as a free-standing company in KAMIC Group’s Installation business area headed by Johan Karlsson.

For additional information, please contact

Håkan Lundgren, Head of Corporate Development and Communications, KAMIC Group
+46 8 759 35 79, hakan.lundgren(at)

Johan Karlsson, Head of the Installation business area, KAMIC Group
+46 8 564 70 870, johan.karlsson(at)

Bjørn Stengrimsen, Managing Director and previous joint owner, Tavlebyggern AS
+47 404 074 24, bjorn(at)

KAMIC Group ( is a privately owned Swedish corporate group that acquires, owns and develops technology-based businesses in selected niches. The Group currently comprises some 40 companies active in both trade and manufacturing. Together the companies have some 1,500 employees in 14 countries in Europe, Asia and North America with annual sales of approximately SEK 3.2 billion. Our customers are found mainly in manufacturing industry but also among electrical contractors and construction companies.

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