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17 September, 2018

Added value to industrial customers

New electromechanical business unit in EG Electronics

Close up of cable
28 May, 2018

Acquisition of STAC AB

KAMIC Group acquires STAC AB, a specialist supplier of equipment for cable harness production

Equipment for cable harness production
15 August, 2017

Acquisition of Instrumentcompaniet AS

KAMIC Group acquires Instrumentcompaniet AS, a leading Norwegian distributor of measurement instruments

Measurement instruments from supplier Flir
14 July, 2017

ETAL opens R&D Centre in the UK

ETAL opens R&D Centre in the UK following acquisition of local specialist manufacturer

1 November, 2016

New ETAL manufacturing site in Sri Lanka

ETAL Group aims for growth with 50% manufacturing expansion

Small magnetic components