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3 September, 2021

Acquisition of Elektro Design

KAMIC Group acquires Elektro Design Gimo, manufacturer of automation equipment for electronics production

Loader from Elektro Design
18 August, 2021

Acquisition of Elproman, a supplier of special cables

KAMIC Group acquires Elproman, a supplier of special cables

Close-up of hand with electrical cable
9 June, 2021

Acquisition of Talema Group, a global supplier of magnetic components

KAMIC Group acquires Talema Group, a global manufacturer and supplier of magnetic components

Toroidal transformers from Talema
11 January, 2021

Acquisition of Eltecno i Vellinge

KAMIC Group acquires Eltecno i Vellinge, a complete supplier of encapsulated electrical technology

Product from Eltecno
20 October, 2020

Expansion in Norway with acquisition of Moss Automation

KAMIC Group expands in Norway within encapsulated electrical technology with acquisition of Moss Automation.

Close up from mounting of electrical cabinet